About Us

Our Top Priority is You

MyFinanceAgent was established in 2014 by Christopher Jonson with a vision of building an ethical, credible and professional financial services organisation.

Chris' uncompromising promise is to help you find the best solution for your needs.

Without obligations to any specific bank, funding source or outside organisation, Chris and his team are able to offer you expertise that is impartial and independent.

We're on your side all the way.

Empowering Strong Financial Decisions

Our goal is to help you make strong financial decisions by providing strong information. 


Why is this important? Because strong financial decisions ultimately lead to a better life.

Our team of lending experts can help with all of your financial needs, be it a home loan, commercial loan, equipment finance or more. Whatever your needs, our mission is to find you the right product and lender. 

Designed for Time Poor People

Modern life is so busy that people don't have time to do their own research or talk to a large number of lenders.


As a result, people often end up with inadequate advice. We see the results of it. Their loans may have been structured poorly or they were sold products that didn't quite fit.

Our lending process is designed with time poor people in mind.   We work with you closely through a meaningful step by step process so that you end up with the loan, property and lifestyle you have your heart set on.

Extra Support When You Need It

We can connect you with the right people at the right time.


We have a nationwide strategic partner network of trusted real estate and financial planning professionals. 

Our network includes real estate agents, buyers’ agents, valuers and conveyancers. We can help you find properties and locations that are undervalued, have a strong yield, consistent growth, good infrastructure and will deliver the best returns.


We offer a carefully considered, strategic and complete solution to growing your wealth through property.